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    1. APIs & Fine Chemicals Solutions

      Solutions for APIs and Fine Chemicals Sourcing from China

      Our Deliverables

      • On-time Delivery of Fine Chemicals and APIs from China
      • Strategies and Solutions on Custom R&D and Manufacture
      • Regulatory Support for cGMP Projects
      • On-site Vendor Audits and Reports
      • Sound Technology Provided by Reliable and Capable Suppliers in China
      • Efficient Project Management
      • Supply Chain and Logistics Management

      Our Clients

      Our clients include some of the leading multinational pharmaceutical companies in U.S., Japan and Europe. We also maintain a good cooperative relationship with a number of biotechnology start-ups and other custom manufacturing synthesis companies as well.

      Our Projects

      • R&D for the new drugs including medical raw material, intermediates and APIs applied during preclinical period, clinical stage I-III and newly marketed stage.
      • Marketing for the generic drugs: provide raw material, intermediates, GMP intermediates and APIs to the leading generic drugs manufacturers.


      Email:  wangxiaoke@sinopharm.com



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