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      Latest News

      Senior Management Meeting Held between SINOPHARM Foreign Trade and CNBM International


      To clarify our developing direction and set forth our strategic objectives by learning from our counterparts in other industries, a senior management meeting between SINOPHARM Foreign Trade and CNBM International was arranged by Mr. Song, SINOPHARM Chairman on July 23rd.


      At the meeting, the two parties exchange views on the developing trend of the Chinese foreign trade companies in a frank manner. Mr. Huang Anzhong, President of CNBM International introduced the company history, current situation and presented their management experiences. In return, Mr. Yan Bing, President of SINOPHARM Foreign Trade gave an introduction to the company and development concept. Further discussions were also held on a wide range of topics, including the employment and training of personnel, innovation in management and mechanism, business development, transformation of business model, risk management and enterprise informatization.


      This meeting helps to set up a bridge for information exchange between the two companies, through which, we learn many successful experiences and make clear the gap between us and top foreign trade companies. Equipped by such awareness and experiences, we will find our problems, analysis the causes and adopt measures to solve them.

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