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      Latest News

      SINOPHARM Chairman Inspect SINOPHARM Foreign Trade


      On July 17th, Mr. Song Zhiping, SINOPHARM Chairman paid an inspection visit to SPFT and was briefed of the company key work. SPFT senior management attended the briefing.


      Mr. Yan Bing, SPFT President delivered a report on the company's history, the current situation and the development concept. The report also includes the company operational condition in the first half of 2009 and the working plan for the second half year.


      On hearing the briefing, Mr. Song gave high recognition to the company achievements in the first half year, and also some guiding opinions on the future development of the company.
      Mr. Song stressed that SPFT should give full play of its abundant capitals and good credibility to build its own core competitiveness. By making full use of SINOPHARM Group resources and join hands with sister companies, SPFT shall strive to become a key link in the Group industrial chain.


      Mr. Song highly appraised the company strategy of “going out”, and stressed that we should strengthen our confidence in “going out” and the company industrialization. Based on the VCP project, we should collect successful experiences and make a replicable model to explore neighboring countries.

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