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      Latest News

      Project Workshop Held


      A project workshop was held in early November, participated by Liu Cunzhou, the Group Director, Dong Zenghe, Group Deputy Manager, representatives from Group Department of Planning and Development, Department of Industrial Development, SPFT senior management, GMs of two divisions and related personnel.

      At the meeting, the Group leaders were briefed of the current status of the infusion project in Vietnam, and intention to launch the business of health care products, as well as updates of acquisition projects in Ghana and Europe.
      After the briefing, the Group leaders highly recognized our preliminary work and gave high remarks to the company's proactive attitude to accelerate its advancement.
      The Group leaders highly recognized our concept of overseas development through investment, and encouraged that we push forward the infusion project. Meanwhile it is stressed that for overseas projects, efforts shall be made to prevent and control risks, put forth suitable equity programs, and prepare in advance the needed talents, technology and other resources.

      For our plan to start the business of health care products, the Group leaders showed support and gave valuable guidance and recommendation in terms of product and business model selection, building of the marketing team, etc.

      This workshop helps lay a solid foundation to the company’s implementation of its overseas development strategy and business restructuring.


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