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      Reform and Innovate in 2010



      Sinopharm Foreign Trade 2010 Annual Conference was held in Beijing on January 26. At the conference, Mr. Zeng Bing, Chairman of the Board, made a summary of the Group annual report:
      1.     Merging and reorganization between SINOPHARM and CNBG (China National Biotech Group) was completed to realize complementary advantages.  As the business scale and strength of both parties were boosted significantly afterwards, the new Group became the largest group company in Chinese pharmaceutical and health industry integrating trading, R&D and industry, with the most complete business models and strongest R&D force, by which the Group is paving the way to the target of Global Top 500 Enterprises.
      2.     Group’s strategic goals and targets:
      a)        to build up a complete operation platform for pharmaceutical and health products and speed up to become one of the Global Top 500 Enterprises;
      b)        to set up 4 platforms: Operation Platform of Distribution and Logistics, Industrial Platform Integrated with R&D, Manufacture and Education, International Business Operation Platform, and Group-Level Platform of High-Efficient Management and Support.
      3.     10 core business units:
      Medical distribution and logistics business,
      Medicinal retail business, Biological product business,
      Chemical pharmaceuticals manufacture business,
      Chinese traditional and herbal medicine business,
      Medical device business,
      Pharmaceutical import & export and oversea industry business,
      Chemical and diagnostic reagent business,
      Pharmaceutical R&D and engineering design business,
      Pharmaceutical exhibition business.
      Facing the existing fierce global competition, Chairman Zeng required the Company to take the chances in reform, develop and explore the international market:
      1.      Boost confidence while seize opportunity to build up international business operation platform;
      2.      Take full use of its resources and strengthen the core business, to cultivate the top import & export brand in China’s pharmaceutical industry;
      3.      Develop new territories in business and explore new markets;
      4.      HR-oriented and establish a professional team for international operation;
      5.      Consolidate the Board of Directors system by scientific decision-making and regulation.  
      Mr. Yan Bing, President of the Company, reported the works of 2009.  Last year, despite the impact of the crisis, the Company managed to complete all operating tasks with the best operating performance in the company history.
      2010 will witness the start of the Company’s business transformation. Mr. Yan encouraged all the staff to take it as a second founding of the Company, and make joint efforts with passion and confidence to bring the Company into an energetic new life.
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