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    1. VCP Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company

      Co-founded by China National Foreign Trade Corporation, Zhangjiakou Pharmaceutical Corporation, Central Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company No.I, Central Pharmaceutical Corporation No.I and Viet Anh Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd in August 2002, Vietnam-China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is China’s first antibiotic powder- injection manufacturing enterprise based in Vietnam with a designed annual capacity of 100 million vials. It went into operation in June 2006 and obtained the WHO-GMP/GSP/GLP certificates issued by SFDA of Vietnam, which turned it into Vietnam’s first modernized antibiotic powder manufacturer that complies with the GMP standards of WHO. In 2008 the company has transformed into a stock company as Vietnam-China Pharmaceutical Joint-Stock Company (VCP) and later in 2012 it became the holding subsidiary of Sinopharm Foreign Trade.


       Vietnam-China Pharmaceutical Joint-Stock Company

      Signing Ceremony in 2002

      Commencement Ceremony in 2004

      Opening Ceremony in 2006

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