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    1. Drug Packaging Materials

      Drug Packaging Materials

      Solid compound rigid sheet for medicinal purposes

      Name  DuplexTM(PVC/PVDC)

                      TriplexTM  (PVC/PE/PVDC)

      product advantages

      • The polymer material is of high stability and barrier properties to water vapor and oxygen thus is more suitable for sensitive drugs
      • The material can be applied to the packaging of moisture sensitive drugs such as antibiotics, cardiovascular and anti-hypertensive drugs, herbal extract preparation, blood drugs and vitamins
      • All the packaging materials have been registered for their active drug genes in FDA
      • The packaging process is generated in a grading, clean and controlled environment. The advanced packaging techniques and unique interior packaging system is designed to ensure the safety and effectiveness of blister film
      • It can save up to 10% of the cost by utilizing such packaging materials


      Tel:(8610) 84669923/84669921/84669753/84669752

      Fax: (8610)-84669752


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